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Forever Burner Warranty Print
How long is this warranty good for?
The burner will be warranted for one heating season for each year that you send
your Burner in for annual service.

What is covered by this warranty?
All Parts and Labor associated with the replacement of parts that fail under normal
circumstances. A loaner burner or exchange burner may be available.

How do you qualify for this warranty?
A new or reconditioned unit must be purchased from Waste Oil Furnace Distributing, LLC or your unit must be serviced annually by Waste Oil Furnace Distributing, LLC.

What is not covered under this warranty?
1. Shipping and handling costs
2. Regular maintenance labor costs
3. Labor and mileage costs for us to travel to your shop
4. Any parts or labor associated with any equipment being used outside the parameters of the manufacturer's    design and operating criteria (see owners manual)
5. Equipment that is abused, neglected, not maintained or not installed properly.
6. Any parts or labor not supplied by Waste Oil Furnace Distributing, LLC
7. Oil pumps, air compressors and flame targets

We ask that the burners be sent to us as we have a shop that is equipped to clean, test, service, and test fire every burner. All labor must be performed at Waste Oil Furnace Distributing, LLC to be covered under this warranty. We have a FREE telephone diagnosis service to aid in helping you to trouble shoot your burner via our toll free number.
Call 1-800-727-WARM (9276)
or use our fax form.
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