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You can turn your waste oil from a liability into a

source of heat for your business by installing a

waste oil furnace or boiler. Using this source of

alternative heating it is possible that you can

SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars off of your heating

bill and help the environment at the same time.

Unlike the old school of waste oil heating were you

drip oil into a pot and vaporize it, is not only

inefficient but dirty and required constant

cleaning, came the new design of single pass

heating units and the ease of cleaning them.

Heating with waste oil has developed into a refined

way of disposing of garbage oil while heating at

85% efficiency and has made this a desirable way

to take the OUCH out of your current heating bills.

The Supreme Heat 1750, 2750 & 4250 furnaces

moved into the market as a premium high efficiency

(up to 85%), long lasting (11 gauge steel) easy to

maintain furnaces.  With 25 years of experience

Supreme Heat is the industry's first manufacturer to

offer a no hassle, pro-rated lifetime warranty, along

with the only brand to include a spare nozzle

assembly so you have virtually no down time. For

these reasons it makes it easy to see why we have

chosen to represent this manufacturer. In addition

to selling new furnaces we sell waste oil boilers by

Alternate Heating Systems with sizes that fit all

applications.  We also offer reconditioned waste oil

furnaces with full warranties and performance that

matches or exceeds the unit even when it was new.

New to the line of products is the Val 6 Radiant

Diesel Heater.  This is a portable heater that

captures the power of the sun and lets you take it

where you want. It is the only diesel heater that has

virtually no smell and very low carbon monoxide

output (up to 99% efficiency), so it is ideal for using

indoors, but is not affected by the elements so it is

also perfect for year round outdoor heating. Sound

too good to be true?  Give us a call and allow us to

show you why we are the one in the industry you

should get to know.  800-727-9276